What Could You Request? What Could You Offer?

Think about all the things you like to do, wish you could do or do regularly anyway.

Do you love to make things and help others learn new skills? 
Could you give someone a ride to the airport bus?
Can you share the things you’ve learned while tracing your family tree?
Would you like to help someone figure out how to use a new phone or tablet? 
Are there never enough parties for you to plan? 

Our Mission

The mission of the Sebastopol Area Time Bank (SATB) is to create and sustain a resilient and mutually supportive network for the purpose of growing a community where all members are respected and valued equally for their time and talents. We do this by:

Providing a website for members to post requests and offers and to record exchanges
Actively helping our members succeed in meeting their needs
Holding social events to promote and encourage deepening relations among the membership

Our Core Values

Everyone is an asset. Everyone has something to contribute.
Everyone merits respect.
All work is equally valued.
We promote both giving AND receiving.
Networks are stronger than individuals and build local resilience.

Membership Requirements

Be 18 years of age or older
Be “connected” to Sebastopol and live in West Sonoma County
Complete a short online application and then a member profile
Attend an “onboarding” session
Participate in exchanges with other members

SATB is funded by the City of Sebastopol and sponsored by the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center

Questions? Contact Us!